2013 Fishing Report

Size Does Matter!

Sorry fellas, but size does matter!

Size matters, especially when you’re talking about the size of the fish, or the amount of fish you can catch on Flathead Lake with Captain Mike’s Fish~N~Fun charters. 2013 has become a banner year for great fishing on the Flathead and we’re only part way through the year.

When you’re talking fishing on Flathead Lake, size matters!

If you want to catch fish and have the time of your life, you need to hire a fishing charter that has earned the reputation for “size”. Captain Mike’s fishing charter boasts:

  • 2 of the LARGEST commercial fishing boats on the Flathead
  • Our fleet has the MOST fishing boats
  • The MOST fishing charter captains
  • Catches some of the LARGEST fish in the lake (43″ in 4/2013)
  • Catches the most fish on the lake

Size matters - fish with the best!
Here are great pics of more happy people fishing with Captain Mike!