Flathead Lake Fishing Charter Testimonial

A Fish~N~Fun Testimonial

Testimonials from satisfied customers are the finest form of advertising – and money just can’t buy that.  The other day we had the pleasure of fishing with a great family with two little boys that were so excited it was infectious. Fortunately, the fish cooperated and we landed a boatload of great fish and had a whole lot of fun.

The boys had a blast reeling in fish after fish, and I had fun just watching their excitement build with every catch. Their parents told me that the boys found our website online and told them that Captain Norm’s Fish~N~Fun was the guy they wanted to go fishing with. As you can see, they were not disappointed, and they were kind enough to say some nice things about their fishing adventure.

If you would like to experience the most fun you can have fishing on Flathead Lake, give us a call and talk to us about booking a private charter. The summer may be winding down, but there are still many weeks of great fishing ahead of us before the snow flies. Oh, and don’t let chilly weather deter your plans, our boat has a heated cabin so we can fish regardless of the temperature.

This is what FUN looks like?

Flathead Lake Fishing Report

Where are the fish biting on Flathead Lake?

Every fishing charter boat Captain on Flathead lake will tell you a different story, so we thought we would show you real results from our fishing charter customers. Videos don’t lie (but some fishermen do). This compilation of videos isn’t a ‘highlight reel’ of the year, this is what our customers experienced last week!

Captain Norm’s Fish~N~Fun strives to give our customers the fishing experience of a lifetime. This video shows that we deliver what you want to get – a fun and rewarding experience fishing one of America’s greatest lakes, Flathead Lake in NW Montana.

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Wild Horse Island – See The Horses

Hike & Photograph the Wildlife

Wild Horse Island is a favorite place to day-hike and photograph wildlife like mule deer, Rock Mountain Bighorn sheep and of course, the infamous wild horses. The problem is that the island is only accessible by boat (as most islands are), and most visitors don’t have a boat or know the best places to tie-up or lay anchor.

That is why Captain Norm offers boat tours that include Wild Horse Island hiking trips. This video was filmed just this week (08/16/12) and shows what a trip to Wild Horse can mean; up close and personal wildlife encounters and spectacular photos.

So if fishing isn’t your thing, call us and let us arrange a private boat trip to Wild Horse, the largest (inland) island in the USA.  If hiking scenic trails and photographing wildlife in their natural environment is something that you like to do, now you can experience Montana the way it was meant to be seen.

See the wild horses in their natural environment

Photograph Sheep and Mule Deer

All of these photos and video were the result of one trip to Wild Horse Island. The hiking is amazing and the wild animals are spectacular.

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Contact Captain Norm’s Fish~N~Fun and book your trip for a magnificent island adventure.

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Wild Horse Island Tours

Flathead Lake Tours

Not everyone who visits Flathead Lake is a fisherman who wants to fish the lake, but everyone who visits wants to see and experience as much of the lake as possible.  The only way to get the full impact of Flathead Lake’s beauty and grandeur is to tour it from a boat. That is why the best fishing charter company on the lake also offers guided tours. Cruising the shoreline of Flathead Lake can be marvelous experience as you never know what you might see. From eagles and osprey nests to wild horses grazing on the palouse prairies of Wild Horse Island.


Wild Horse Island Day Trips

A charter that includes a trip to Wild Horse Island could possibly become your most cherished vacation memory. Wild Horse Island state park is an experience unto itself. You can hike miles of scenic trails and have the opportunity to see and photograph more than 100 species of wildlife from big horn sheep and mule deer to wild horses and majestic bald eagles.

Captain Norm’s Fish~N~Fun operates the largest fishing charter boat on the Lake with all the comforts of home; from a private head (potty for you landlubbers) to a heated cabin. Learn more about the Captain’s Wild Horse Island boat tours.

Flathead Lake HOT Fishing Action

Why Hire a Flathead Lake Fishing Charter?

Captain Rod here,

Today, the hottest action I’ve ever seen on Flathead Lake, baring whitefish. We had 46 hook-ups in four hours. That’s one about every five minutes and they didn’t come evenly spaced. We even had a few fish lost due to poor hook-set and one 33 inch slottie we released. Thirty-six to clean.

The kill box held them…just and the fish box did too, but it wouldn’t have taken but 2-3 more.

These guys were happy fisherman!

Captain Rod Rogers – angler & author

PS: Last Saturday, I fished in 20mph wind from the south. 4-5ft waves, got beat up and caught only two fish; a 22″ and a 32″ that we had to release. You just never know what to expect, but this is the time of the season to fill your boat with fish from Flathead Lake.