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Fort Peck Reservoir Fishing

Quick Details

November - April Off-Season
May - October Peak Season
Pricing is Subject to Change Starting at

World Class fishery of Fort Peck Reservoir

Here at Captain Mikes, we have made available trips do fish the World Class fishery of Fort Peck Reservoir. It is a fishery that currently holds the world record for Saugeye at 15.66 lbs, the world record  Sauger at 8.805 lbs, the current state record Small Mouth Bass 7.5 lbs, Chinook Salmon 31.13 lbs, Coho Salmon 4.88 lbs, Freshwater Drum 21.59 lbs, and Channel Catfish at 34.8 lbs. Impressive to think that all the record breakers are swimming in there right now.
Fort Peck currently has 45 fish species in it, but the main target species are Walleye, Small Mouth Bass, Crappie, Northern Pike, Chinook Salmon, Lake Trout, Yellow Perch, Paddlefish, and Channel Catfish to name a few.
You would be fishing with the family of guides, literally. Eddie, Haley, Justin and Taylor Mindt are anglers that have been born and raised in the area and have the knowledge base to offer you the best fishing anyone could expect. This family also owns the Lakeridge. It is a store and also motel rooms, cabins and RV lots. They can handle all your needs, and in a place that is well off the beaten path, this kind of access is very welcome.
If a trip on a body of water that boasts more shoreline then the entire west coast sounds like your cup of tea, please give me a call for availability, and I will get you booked up with the Mindt family and a trip that could put your name in the record books.

What to Bring: You will need outerwear appropriate for the season. (rain gear or jackets) In sunny weather – sunscreen 45+spf, glasses, hats.

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