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A Day Fishing on Lake Koocanusa – WOW!

Lake Koocanusa Fishing Charter Report Yesterday, I ws asked how our Saturday charter on Lake Koocanusa went down… Can you say “WOW”? I did a quick mental calculation and said we had about 23 hook-ups and must have about 18 in the boat. This was a big mistake. I calculated this because I remembered we used all of my offshore releases (12) and 7 of my Laurvick releases (8 of 15 still on board at the end of the day). We had recycled the starboard planer for 5 more offshore releases and 2 Laurvick (these also used up). The clients called it quits with the starboard planer spread down two rigs. So… that means we had a total of “only” 22 hook-ups…..On the planer boards alone. Forgot to include down-rigger and lead-core in that total. Riggers at 30 and 32 feet, lead-core…

Fishing on the Flathead is Fabulous!

Monday Fishing Charter on Flathead Lake On Monday, Angela Sanderson and her dad Bill Sanderson joined us for one of our Monday charters on Flathead Lake. In the first pic they are holding two of the six fish caught on this charter. The other photo is Bill Sanderson holding the “catch of the day“, a 30 inch Bull Trout. Picture was taken, and the Bull was safely released and swam away strong. What an awesome fishing trip!  Tuesday Fishing Charter On Tuesday we landed 10 fish and six were released. In no particular order, these photos show… Caleb Fuller holding one of three of the 28 inch Lakers on Tuesday. Thomas Kehl holding one of the 4 lake trout that were kept for eating. Caleb Fuller holding a 34.5 inch beauty. A great slot fish for a photo and release. …

Fishing the Flathead Valley – Cabela’s Fishing Seminar

Fishing the Flathead Valley Last Saturday (4-5-2014) the captains from Captain Mikes’s Fish~N~Fun gave a fishing seminar at Cabela’s in Kalispell. Four of us were on hand to talk about how to make the most of fishing the Flathead Valley lakes and rivers. Yours truly talked about how to fish the north end of Flathead Lake. We talked about trolling…

Captain Mike’s Special ‘Cool Weather’ Promotion

2013 Off-Season Fishing Charter Promotion A Fishing Promotion Everybody Will Love! Take your choice of one of our 2013 off-season promotions.  You heard that right, if you book a fishing charter with the Captain between now and May 15th. you can choose between a $50 gift certificate at the Tamarack Brewery and restaurant. Or, choose a FREE beer at the Tamarack Brewery and a FREE room at Americas Best Value Inn in Kalispell. Wouldn’t this make a great Birthday, Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day surprise, or just a chance to get out and have some fun? Call your buddies or tell your significant other that you have a great idea for a day of non-stop fun. Fishing, a free $50 dinner or a free beer and a place to stay for the night…what could be better to beat the blahs? Cool weather fishing on Flathead Lake? Hey, the fish haven’t gone anywhere and…

How to Have the “MOST FUN” on Flathead Lake

Easy…Hire Captain Mike as your fishing charter guide Learn how to REALLY have FUN! Four wonderful young people joined us for a fishing charter on Flathead Lake last week and we managed to capture much of it on video.  Everyone caught fish, but the lone female, Cidni Meyer from Kalispell, skunked the guys reeling in three nice Lake Trout. Be sure to watch this video ’till the end to see what Cidni does with her catch! How to catch a ton of fish while having a ton of fun! According to Wikipedia, they say that “Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish.” However, according to Captain Mike, “Fishing describes the fun you have while catching a lot of fish.” If you have never hired a fishing charter guide (or if you tried one of the other local charters and…

Dragon Boats Invade Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake Dragon Boat Festival The second annual Flathead Lake Dragon Boat Festival took place this weekend in Bigfork. Saturday’s weather was perfect, but Sunday saw some rain and cooler temps. Our day for watching the races was Saturday and we were lucky enough to get some great video. This clip shows the Glacier Bank Dragon Boat team before they lined up for the start and shows them paddling hard toward the finish line. All the Dragon Boat teams were thrilled to participate in a fun event that benefits Save A Sister, which is a collaboration between Northwest Healthcare, North Valley Hospital and the Flathead City-County Health Department.  The Montana Dragon Boat Festival is sponsored by the Flathead Community Foundation and produced by the Kalispell Convention & Visitors Bureau. Not just fishing – all kinds of fun! Remember that Captain Mike’s Fish~N~Fun might be best known for offering…

Size Matters | Fun Matters | Fish~N~Fun on Flathead Lake

Have you seen Captain Rod’s new fishing charter boat? In a word, WOW! Captain Rod launched a new boat this summer and if you’ve been out on the lake you probably have seen it – you can’t miss it! This video shows the newest addition to Captain Mike’s Fish~N~Fun charter and now we have two of the largest commercial fishing boats on the Flathead. You don’t have to take our word for it, the happy fishermen in this video attest to the fun you can have when you go fishing with Captain Mike or any of our four fishing charter captains. We pride ourselves in making fun a top priority for every fishing trip we offer.

Flathead Lake Fishing Charter Report 6-2013

Flathead Lake  Fishing Continues to Amaze Just yesterday we uploaded a great fishing video from a recent fishing charter where we filled the fish box with out catch. Today’s video fishing report shows a family who had the time of their lives fishing the Flathead on a beautiful June afternoon. Our hi-def video camera was on the fritz, so we had to make use of a camera phone recording and some great still shots, but you’ll enjoy seeing how much fun this family had on the lake just yesterday.

June Fishing Report for Flathead Lake

A Record Catch In a word, WOW!  We have been out on the Flathead just about every day in June and the fishing has been outstanding. If this video doesn’t convince you there just isn’t anything else I can say! If you would like to try your luck fishing on Flathead Lake, no one can show you a better time or provide an experience you will remember the rest of your life.  In this video is Chad from Iowa and he had so much fun in one afternoon, he asked to go out again the next day. The video shows that Chad made a smart decision. This is a short post today because I need to clean up the boat for another fishing charter.

April Fishing on Flathead Lake

Catching Fish & Having Fun! Only have time for a quick “Fishing Report” today, we’re heading out early again with another new charter.  This beautiful fish is from last week and is 38″ long and tipped the scales at 24 lbs..  The proud fishermen are Joe, Brian and Lindsey. I can’t tell you how busy we’ve been this past month, we have been out on the Flathead almost every day and in all kinds of weather.  The cold, rain or snow isn’t really a concern as our fishing boat has a heated cabin – all the comforts of home.

Montana Fishing License

Now you can get it online! I can’t tell you how many times someone books a charter and shows up at the pier ready to experience Flathead Lake and search for that trophy fish; everybody’s excited and ready to fish, but they forgot one thing. In all the excitement they forgot to get a Montana Fishing License. One of the items on our check list before we push away from the pier is to verify that those who will be fishing have a valid fishing license. Fishing without a license carries a stiff fine for anyone caught fishing and also for the Captain, so we never take that chance. Before you show up at the pier, make sure you have your license. Also, if we are fishing on Flathead Lake, you will need to check with your charter captain to see if you…

Flathead Lake Fishing Report (Fish Box Proof)

“The proof is in the pudding.” So states an old adage from many generations ago. Although that is a loose version of the original quote, the meaning remains the same.  In the world of fishing reports and “fish stories”, the proof can only be found in the fish box. Ignore the tall tales – count the fish tails! “The proof is in the fish box!” “The proof is in the fish box”, thus states Captain Mike of Fish~N~Fun fame!  Hey, every fishing captain and wannabe angler will give you a fishing report based on their experience – or the way they wish it was. Some may tell it like it is, or stretch reality into something they wish it would be – just to get your attention. If you have been following this blog or our Flathead Lake YouTube Channel, you already know that…

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