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A Day Fishing on Lake Koocanusa – WOW!

Lake Koocanusa Fishing Charter Report

Yesterday, I ws asked how our Saturday charter on Lake Koocanusa went down… Can you say “WOW”?

I did a quick mental calculation and said we had about 23 hook-ups and must have about 18 in the boat. This was a big mistake. I calculated this because I remembered we used all of my offshore releases (12) and 7 of my Laurvick releases (8 of 15 still on board at the end of the day). We had recycled the starboard planer for 5 more offshore releases and 2 Laurvick (these also used up). The clients called it quits with the starboard planer spread down two rigs.

So… that means we had a total of “only” 22 hook-ups…..On the planer boards alone. Forgot to include down-rigger and lead-core in that total. Riggers at 30 and 32 feet, lead-core running at about 20ft and planer rigs about 10ft.

One short of limit-out on 22+” Kamloops, Most of those over 24 inches and 5-6lbs.  Biggest of 7 or 8 bulls around 7lb and 28″.  Two Gerards, one over 22″ (barely) that sort of released himself, during the double-check measuring process.

Hot lures: 88 and 101 Lymans were responsible for much of the damage. It was very bright day, and the very bright pink and white was hot. 70 (white) and 28 (yellow, black and red) where no-shows for the first time. Lead core run out to 130 on the line counters were super effective and counted for more than 40% of the fish, and much of the larger fish. Had I had just these two lines alone out, it would have been a successful day.  Down-riggers picked up a five pound Kamloop 30 feet under the boat! That does not happen often. Downriggers had maybe four hook-ups and all but one came over the transom.

I know we lost some fish and had only one fake release on the Laurvicks. Once came off so close to net, the net guy actually hit the fish with the rim after it came off. One down-rigger fish dashed across and wrapped the second downrigger line, generating a tangle and coming off in the ensuing confusion behind the boat. We didn’t know who had the fish on. I don’t remember lead-core losing any fish at all. All but six Kamloops were released. All Bulls and Gerards were released, one of those unintentionally.

We were too busy reeling in fish to monitor the video, but here is an edited version of the highlights from our day fishing on Koocanusa!

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