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Family Fun Fishing on Flathead Lake

Fish~N~Fun on Flathead Lake for the Whole Family

The question often is: will the kids have fun? Here’s a morning and early afternoon on Flathead Lake with Avalon (6), Autumn (8) and Sienna (10). Nice day. Warm and sunny. Caught a few fish. Did they have fun? You decide.

Planning a family vacation is always a challenge. Let’s face it, fun for adults and fun for kids means different things unless you choose an outing that is guaranteed to make everyone happy. A day on Flathead Lake is one of those adventures that will please mom and dad and kids of all ages. Everyone enjoys a boat ride and when that ride includes some of the best scenery to be had anywhere and some of the best fishing in the USA, choosing a fishing charter on Flathead Lake is the ticket.

Give your family a day they will remember for the rest of their lives, book a fishing charter with Captain Mike’s Fish~N~Fun. You’ll have a great time and your kids will have a blast.  Also remember, we offer Flathead Lake tours and trips to Wild Horse Island where you can picnic, hike and take photos of the wildlife.

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