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Fishing Lake Koocanusa for Bull Trout

Whoever said the devil’s in the details had that right. A week ago, an excursion to Lake Koocanusa was marked by a lot of strikes, or so we thought. We boated several fish, but the number of releases, or suspected strikes, outnumbered the fish caught by an extraordinary margin.

We wondered what we might be doing differently, or wrong. Turns out the answer was not in procedure, but rather in equipment. This year, we re-spooled with Tuffline’s XP Indicator braid as an aid to determining set-back from the planer releases. Tests have demonstrated that XP flattens even under light loads, becoming more like a ribbon, which allowed the line to gradually slip out of the jaws of the release.

Rework on the releases solved that problem. Instead of false alarms, we hooked up and it’s now fish-on! Nothing like a determined big Bull begrudging every bit of line retrieved, or a muscle-bound rainbow going airborne in an attempt to shake that hook. Lake Koocanusa fishing continues to be wildly exciting.

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