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Fishing Lake Koocanusa

A Rainbow Trout Reward

Scroll down to see the video from this Koocanusa fishing trip!

Planer boards allow you to cover a huge swath of water when fishing for top-feeding species like Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout orKamloops. Our spread here extends fifty yards on either side of the boat, allowing us to fish over depths from twenty to a hundred and fifty with ever pass. It’s an exceptionally productive practice.

We’ve said before that a bad day of fishing beats…well…just about anything. What does a good day of fishing look like. Sun, mid-sixties, no wind and a good bite. Sound about right? We had all that a couple of days ago on one of our favorite places—LakeKoocanusa in Northwest Montana.

The fishing was excellent, the catching less so. Almost forty strikes in eight hours, but ninety percent failed to hook-up. We weren’t the only one with this problem that day. Part of the issue may have been water temperatures in the high thirties and part of it may have had to do with exceptional clarity due to the mirror-like surface. Look at the following picture and you can see the underside of the bow reflected as an undistorted reflection while trolling at three miles per hour. Amazing.

Perhaps slowing down might have helped, or maybe a little more cloud cover. Whatever. The bite was definitely on and fishing is fishing, even if it’s not quite catching.

The video below takes you out on that wonderful place: Lake Koocanusa. Enjoy.


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