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Flathead Lake April Fishing Report

Do you think it’s too cold to go fishing?

A lot of people think that fishing is a summertime activity. If you think about it the fish never stop eating and those of you who enjoy ice fishing know that it can be a lot of fun. And yes, being out on the water on a chilly day can be a challenging experience. The chill off that water can go right to the bones.  However…

If you have ever fished with us you know that cold weather or choppy water are never a problem. We operate some of the largest commercial fishing boats on the Flathead. Some of our boats have heated cabins and our ocean rated so we are always ready for anything the Flathead or the weatherman can throw at us.

April Fishing Report

One great example of this is our trip yesterday. It was chilly and overcast and the seas were choppy, but the fish were ravenous and loved everything we threw at them. The Lake Trout fishing is excellent right now; we pulled in 8 Lakers in less than two hours. The fish were perfect eating size and very healthy with lots of flight time in the water. The photos below will give you an idea of the fun we had fishing on Flathead Lake yesterday, April 3rd.


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