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Flathead Lake Fishing Report (Fish Box Proof)

“The proof is in the pudding.”

So states an old adage from many generations ago. Although that is a loose version of the original quote, the meaning remains the same.  In the world of fishing reports and “fish stories”, the proof can only be found in the fish box. Ignore the tall tales – count the fish tails!

“The proof is in the fish box!”

“The proof is in the fish box”, thus states Captain Mike of Fish~N~Fun fame!  Hey, every fishing captain and wannabe angler will give you a fishing report based on their experience – or the way they wish it was. Some may tell it like it is, or stretch reality into something they wish it would be – just to get your attention.

If you have been following this blog or our Flathead Lake YouTube Channel, you already know that our fishing report is kept in the fish box.  Yesterday’s fishing charter was no exception. Here it is in late September when others are folding their tents and going home, we are our on the lake catching record numbers of Lake Trout.

This video is from yesterday’s afternoon charter with three great people. We had a wonderful time reeling in fish after fish and some of these lunkers were huge. We even had a couple “double strikes” where we had fish on two lines at the same time.

Fish Flathead Lake Anytime

Some fishing charter captains are fair weather fishermen. Heck, we fish Flathead Lake all year long except when ice forms on the lake (which is very seldom). It doesn’t matter what the weather or what you ate for lunch because our boat has a heated cabin.

Tour Flathead Lake

You might be surprised to learn that some of our charters never catch one fish – that’s because we also offer Flathead Lake Tours and not everyone wants to put a line in the water. Our lake tours are amazing and again, it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, you can tour Flathead Lake from the comfort of an over-sized heated cabin.

Wild Horse Island Hiking Tours

One of the largest inland islands in the USA is Wild Horse Island in the center of Flathead Lake. We take many charters to the island where people can hike for miles and view wildlife that includes Mule Deer, Rock Mountain Big Horn Sheep and even a herd of wild horses. The hiking and wildlife photography opportunities are something you must experience.

Give us a call today and book your next fishing charter or Flathead Lake boat tour.

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