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Flathead Lake HOT Fishing Action

Why Hire a Flathead Lake Fishing Charter?

Captain Rod here,

Today, the hottest action I’ve ever seen on Flathead Lake, baring whitefish. We had 46 hook-ups in four hours. That’s one about every five minutes and they didn’t come evenly spaced. We even had a few fish lost due to poor hook-set and one 33 inch slottie we released. Thirty-six to clean.

The kill box held them…just and the fish box did too, but it wouldn’t have taken but 2-3 more.

These guys were happy fisherman!

Captain Rod Rogers – angler & author

PS: Last Saturday, I fished in 20mph wind from the south. 4-5ft waves, got beat up and caught only two fish; a 22″ and a 32″ that we had to release. You just never know what to expect, but this is the time of the season to fill your boat with fish from Flathead Lake.

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