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Garden & Tips: Tomatoes

Spring is the season of the awake. At all stadiums, plants, flowers and trees come to a new life. same goes for certain kinds of animals that wake up and give up their lethargic sleep.

Those of you who have the luck to have plenty of room in their yard may also want to take advantage of it and plant a few plantations.

Well, this is the right time to think to plant some good tomatoes.

Tomatoes: how to do

Tomatoes are not very hard to cultivate and you will have good results in a few time and with just a few effort. First off, make sure you are buying a good plant of tomato. (start a plant from seed would be a little bit more complicated for beginners).

Among the most popular first time growers’ varieties you can find Better Boy, Creole, Big Boy, Early Girl, Brandy Wine, Celebrity, Lemon Boy and more cherry and grape tomato variety.

Tomatoes need much sun so choose a sunny edge of your yard and transplant at least a couple of plants.

You will have to prepare the garden bed by adding lots of well rotted compost (about 6-8 cm). finally, transplant the tomato deeply (50-70% of the plant). Space each plant and give them much water every day.

Keep the gardening tools safe

One thing most first experience gardeners don’t know is that your tools can also damage your plants if you keep them outside, under the rain or the hot sun.

So it’s better to store all your tools in a garden cabinet (often these cabinet are wooden or even in plastic materials). Cabinets have a door that you can lock and nobody will disturb or damage your tools as long as they stay inside.

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