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How to Have the “MOST FUN” on Flathead Lake

Easy…Hire Captain Mike as your fishing charter guide

Learn how to REALLY have FUN!

Four wonderful young people joined us for a fishing charter on Flathead Lake last week and we managed to capture much of it on video.  Everyone caught fish, but the lone female, Cidni Meyer from Kalispell, skunked the guys reeling in three nice Lake Trout. Be sure to watch this video ’till the end to see what Cidni does with her catch!

How to catch a ton of fish while having a ton of fun!

According to Wikipedia, they say that “Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish.” However, according to Captain Mike, “Fishing describes the fun you have while catching a lot of fish.

If you have never hired a fishing charter guide (or if you tried one of the other local charters and not had the best experience), you owe it to yourself to go fishing with Captain Mike’s Fish~N~Fun.  The Captain has a different philosophy than most fishing charter captains, he believes that catching fish is always important, but having a ton of fun during your charter will make it an event you will remember forever.

Happy customers drive our business!

You will not find Captain Mike advertising in the newspaper, billboards or magazines or hear ads on the radio because he doesn’t need to advertise. Happy customers fuel his business with referrals and keeps the Fish~N~Fun fleet busy almost every day. Hundreds of people hire Captain Mike every year and to many, their Flathead Lake Fishing Charter is the highpoint of their visit to the Flathead Valley.

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