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Montana Fishing License

Now you can get it online!

I can’t tell you how many times someone books a charter and shows up at the pier ready to experience Flathead Lake and search for that trophy fish; everybody’s excited and ready to fish, but they forgot one thing. In all the excitement they forgot to get a Montana Fishing License.

One of the items on our check list before we push away from the pier is to verify that those who will be fishing have a valid fishing license. Fishing without a license carries a stiff fine for anyone caught fishing and also for the Captain, so we never take that chance. Before you show up at the pier, make sure you have your license.

Also, if we are fishing on Flathead Lake, you will need to check with your charter captain to see if you might need a CSK tribal license for the south end of the Lake. Sometimes, that’s where the fish are biting. So, when you book your charter, the next thing to do is get your fishing license online.

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