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Wild Horse Island – See The Horses

Hike & Photograph the Wildlife

Wild Horse Island is a favorite place to day-hike and photograph wildlife like mule deer, Rock Mountain Bighorn sheep and of course, the infamous wild horses. The problem is that the island is only accessible by boat (as most islands are), and most visitors don’t have a boat or know the best places to tie-up or lay anchor.

That is why Captain Mike offers boat tours that include Wild Horse Island hiking trips. This video was filmed just this week (08/16/12) and shows what a trip to Wild Horse can mean; up close and personal wildlife encounters and spectacular photos.

So if fishing isn’t your thing, call us and let us arrange a private boat trip to Wild Horse, the largest (inland) island in the USA.  If hiking scenic trails and photographing wildlife in their natural environment is something that you like to do, now you can experience Montana the way it was meant to be seen.

See the wild horses in their natural environment

Photograph Sheep and Mule Deer

All of these photos and video were the result of one trip to Wild Horse Island. The hiking is amazing and the wild animals are spectacular.

Book your trip to Wild Horse Island

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